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Here you can find all the information related to Dech products from the past and now the present. Use the menu on the right to navigate through the archives or read the latest news and developments. We’re excited to have you here to learn more about the name that transformed many…

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Latest News

New Website!

After almost 20 years since it's closure and not much other than an old geocities website there was not much left in terms of information relating to DECH cars. Now with Foxbodies becoming even more rare in good condition Infamous from The Infamous Project has been...

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Featured Ride

Greg’s Unassuming DECH

Greg like many of us, has always had an extreme love for Foxbodies, Not too long ago (and lucky for him) he was dedicated to buying one before the market went all crazy after recent Barrett Jackson auctions and the hype across social media platforms. He began his search and in the summer of 2017 he stumbled across this white 1988 Mustang GT and he opted to go look at it right away.

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