DECH Represented at Foxtoberfest 2018

DECH Represented at Foxtoberfest 2018

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Our Top Ten Picks From Foxtoberfest 2018

Foxtoberfest is a once a year gathering of Fox Mustang and Fox Chassis Ford and Mercury vehicles that started out as a small monthly club meet and has since grown over the span of eight years to what is now Mecca for all Fox owners and lovers alike. Hosted by Matt and Jenn Highley, owners of Fox Mustang Restoration in Locust, North Carolina with the volunteer help of the Southeastern Foxbodies Mustang Club, the event started as the October club meet for Southeastern Foxbodies at Matt and Jenn’s headquarters in Locust. It then quickly outgrew a second facility and moved to the even larger Intimidators Baseball Stadium in Kannapolis, North Carolina where the event has been held for the past few years.

Annually, the event draws somewhere between 500-600 Fox Mustangs as well as Fox chassis cars such as the ’80s Thunderbird, Fairmont, LTD, Capri, and more. We are still awaiting the official car count for 2018, but we are told it was right on track with somewhere around 500 cars coming out for the event. As you would expect, with 500 cars in attendance, there were some seriously nice Fox bodies – making our Top Ten list very hard to pick! However, after several laps around the show field, we finally picked out our ten favorites.

#2- Rare Canadian Dech Hatchback

We will be the first to admit, before Foxtoberfest we were not too educated on the “Dech Mustang.” These Canadian-built Mustangs are definitely a unique creature and very cool to look at. This hatch, as well as a silver coupe, were well representing the Dech heritage and brand at Foxtoberfest!

Very unique and very ’80s cool. The Dech is a piece of Fox Mustang history that should be well preserved and hopefully not forgotten in the future! These cars featured many suspension upgrades from the factory as well as a wind tunnel tested body kit for maximum aerodynamics.

Written by: Jeff Southard


Kyle’s Salvage Saved 88 DECH

Kyle’s Salvage Saved 88 DECH

Kyle emailed in last week and shared some information and history on his 1988 Mustang. Based on all the information he provided in the end, this appears to be one of the first original DECH cars built. Some of you may ask why does it have a SALEEN body kit and wing? Well, in 1987-1988 DECH used SALEEN kits prior to offering their own. DECH even supplied pit crew help to Steve Saleen way back in the day! It wasn’t until 1989 when DECH launched it’s own wind tunnel tested aero kits which were launched at the Toronto Auto Show. In the DECH registry section, DECH 011 was a twin to this car moreover, DECH 005 which was later converted to have the DECH areo kit installed (validated by Peter Hanson) Finally, you will also notice the original DECH pamphlet featured a Saleen body kit before introduction of their own kits as advertised in the consumer orientation releases.

So back to story: Kyle’s car had a nice long life with it’s original owner of 27 years however towards the end of his ownership the car was involved in a pretty bad accident which left the car irreparable by the insurance company. After 5 years of storage, the original owner then decided to sell the car to a scrap yard where Kyle’s father works as he did not have the space or funds to fix the car. The original owner was very reluctant on this decision as he had a lot of memory’s which is why he kept the rims,shift knob and steering wheel upon selling the car off for an amount I will not disclose. 

When the scrap yard got the car Kyle and his Father took on the project not knowing much about the car besides normal foxbody information they found on google. Kyle then decided to reach back out to the original owner and asked him for more details. He was quickly enlightened that it was in fact a DECH Mustang witch he bought new back in 88. He was even nice enough to give Kyle the original DECH pamphlet and shared all of the service records from over the years. Kyle then quickly realized he had scored himself a gem and a true piece of Canadian Motorsport History. He even managed to score back the original wheels from the owner as he had kept them before selling the car off. 

Other than the accident the car was never winter driven and had 0 rust anywhere which is a hard thing to find north of the border in Canada. Kyle and his Father started fixing the car which in the end wasn’t too much work stating that all the car needed was a rad support, a few body panels such as fender, hood and front bumper cover. This with a little bit of TLC and fresh coat of paint completely revived this car. They decided to paint the car all white, tinted the windows and re-covered the aged Recaro seats.

As for DECH parts it is noted to have the following:

  • Saleen body kit and Wing
  • Simmons 3 piece wheels
  • Koni Adjustable Shocks
  • Recaro Seats
  • Momo Wheel (original owner kept)
  • DECH Nylatron shift knob (original owner kept)
  • DECH G Load brace

For some reason the car currently has Eibach springs which may have been changed at some point. We are hoping that Kyle does pick up one of the newer shift knobs to replace the one that was kept, and most importantly that he enjoys this beautiful 1988 DECH Mustang. 

Greg’s Unassuming DECH

Greg’s Unassuming DECH

Greg like many of us, has always had an extreme love for Foxbodies, Not too long ago (and lucky for him) he was dedicated to buying one before the market went all crazy after recent Barrett Jackson auctions and the hype across social media platforms. He began his search and in the summer of 2017 he stumbled across this white 1988 Mustang GT and he opted to go look at it right away. Funny enough I personally remember seeing this car posted on social media by a Dech enthusiast. For Greg he couldn’t stop thinking about it after he viewed the car and he made the right decision by going back and buying it a few days later. Yes Greg, you beat me to it!

Believe it or not this is the first car that Greg has ever owned, and we could all imagine the excitement for him as we all had (and some still do) every time we bring a new Foxbody home. Greg has recently just turned 20, and is in University currently studying automotive engineering, and has been into the cars since he was born as it runs in the family. Being a fellow Canuk, he’s always known about Dech Mustangs, but never thought he would get a chance to own one.

From the outside you would believe that Greg has a typical Mustang GT that has extremely low miles with just under 70,000 km original, sporting all original paint, and it’s virgin 5.0 5 speed. In addition, the car came with the factory upgraded 3.08:1 ratio rear end and is sitting on a beautiful set of Roh ZR6 wheels. But beyond the basics this car has had several very typical Dech upgrades which include:

  • DECH Springs
  • DECH Koni Adjustable Shocks
  • DECH Nylatron Shift Knob
  • DECH typical MOMO Monte Carlo Steering Wheel
  • Recaro Driver seat

Although not outfitted with the widely noticed Dech Aero Kit, and not uniquely numbered, this car has some of the fundamentals of a ” DECH Street Package” and is a fine example of a well kept, low mileage, rust free Canadian piece of history. Overall plans for the car are a little more suspension work and some engine modifications Greg claims. What a great first car Greg, enjoy it!

Steve’s Dech #005

Steve’s Dech #005

A genuine DECH Motorsport-modified example powered by an Active Engines 5.0L V8 mated to a 5-speed manual Borg Warner T5 World Class gear box. What makes this car extra special is that it was originally purchased by Derek Hanson himself -the founder of Dech Motorport. The car was fitted with the famous aero body kit along with suspension performance upgrades and serial numbered #005.

Additional modifications include:
  • Dech Aero kit
  • Dech Springs
  • Dech G-Load Brace
  • Dech Grabbers
  • 3.55 rear end
  • Koni yellow struts and shocks
  • Wilwood front brakes
  • Recaro seats
  • Dech Nylatron shiftknob
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Simmons 3 piece wheels

This car is filled with history and although not a trailer queen, this car has been built, driven, raced, loved and even neglected at some stages but here she is looking sweet and turning heads. Steve acquired the car four years ago.

New Website!

New Website!

After almost 20 years since it’s closure and not much other than an old geocities website there was not much left in terms of information relating to DECH cars. Now with Foxbodies becoming even more rare in good condition Infamous from The Infamous Project has been working with Derek and Peter Hanson to provide up to date information relating to DECH Motorsport.  The website will be a work in progress and it truly relies on the enthusiasts and current DECH owners to engage and help provide information and content. Although DECH has closed its doors long ago, the aim of this website is to tribute, honor and share information, products and enthusiasm! 

Working closely with Team Hanson, Infamous has created a centralized spot to not only remember what DECH was but to make key components available to the public in the future. From the Dech Info page you will be able to gain first hand information to archived articles, consumer orientation releases, photo galleries and even a Dech Registry page. With your help this website will be populated with as much information as possible.