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Our Top Ten Picks From Foxtoberfest 2018

Foxtoberfest is a once a year gathering of Fox Mustang and Fox Chassis Ford and Mercury vehicles that started out as a small monthly club meet and has since grown over the span of eight years to what is now Mecca for all Fox owners and lovers alike. Hosted by Matt and Jenn Highley, owners of Fox Mustang Restoration in Locust, North Carolina with the volunteer help of the Southeastern Foxbodies Mustang Club, the event started as the October club meet for Southeastern Foxbodies at Matt and Jenn’s headquarters in Locust. It then quickly outgrew a second facility and moved to the even larger Intimidators Baseball Stadium in Kannapolis, North Carolina where the event has been held for the past few years.

Annually, the event draws somewhere between 500-600 Fox Mustangs as well as Fox chassis cars such as the ’80s Thunderbird, Fairmont, LTD, Capri, and more. We are still awaiting the official car count for 2018, but we are told it was right on track with somewhere around 500 cars coming out for the event. As you would expect, with 500 cars in attendance, there were some seriously nice Fox bodies – making our Top Ten list very hard to pick! However, after several laps around the show field, we finally picked out our ten favorites.

#2- Rare Canadian Dech Hatchback

We will be the first to admit, before Foxtoberfest we were not too educated on the “Dech Mustang.” These Canadian-built Mustangs are definitely a unique creature and very cool to look at. This hatch, as well as a silver coupe, were well representing the Dech heritage and brand at Foxtoberfest!

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”14″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]Very unique and very ’80s cool. The Dech is a piece of Fox Mustang history that should be well preserved and hopefully not forgotten in the future! These cars featured many suspension upgrades from the factory as well as a wind tunnel tested body kit for maximum aerodynamics.

Written by: Jeff Southard