Derek Errol Churchill Hanson “DECH” a legend and inspiration to the world of Motorsport passed away peacefully at 78 years of age on June 24th, 2020 in his home. 20 years after DECH motorsport ceased official operations, Derek was still actively involved with various race teams and could be found at the Mosport Speedway (now known as Canadian Tire Motorsport Park) during the summers along with his son Peter Hanson who runs the Hanson International Driving School. Although DECH was focused on Foxbody and SN-95 Mustangs,, the wisdom and knowledge of Derek was shared with many race teams including BMW and Porsche. 

Derek was more than just an automotive legend, he was also a loving husband to his wife Yvonne, and proud father to their children.He was known to be blunt, share his opinions with no censoring and filled a room with his character and cigar smoke. An amazing man with unique ideas and concepts that will live on as part of his legacy forever known as DECH Motorsport.