After almost 20 years since it’s closure and not much other than an old geocities website there was not much left in terms of information relating to DECH cars. Now with Foxbodies becoming even more rare in good condition Infamous from The Infamous Project has been working with Derek and Peter Hanson to provide up to date information relating to DECH Motorsport.  The website will be a work in progress and it truly relies on the enthusiasts and current DECH owners to engage and help provide information and content. Although DECH has closed its doors long ago, the aim of this website is to tribute, honor and share information, products and enthusiasm! 

Working closely with Team Hanson, Infamous has created a centralized spot to not only remember what DECH was but to make key components available to the public in the future. From the Dech Info page you will be able to gain first hand information to archived articles, consumer orientation releases, photo galleries and even a Dech Registry page. With your help this website will be populated with as much information as possible.